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Magnetic marker foil set of 3 white

Magnetic marker foil set of 3 white

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Unlimited creativity for your living space design

Magnetic board marker film - the decorative all-rounder

Whether as a sturdy drawing board in the children's room, as a modern message board for the family,
for quick communication in the office or for the long drink menu in a trendy bar:
Nobody can avoid the practical and at the same time stylish self-adhesive board marker films !

The new, self-adhesive board marker foils are equipped with a specially developed, permanent
Provided with a vinyl surface that can be easily written on with conventional board markers.
At any time, the marker foil can be wiped off with a damp, soft cloth,
to write them again later.

Try it today - you will be amazed!

The incredibly hard-wearing board marker foils can be applied to any smooth, dust-free surface in seconds.
and grease-free surface
and can (depending on the surface condition)
be removed without leaving any residue.

Now you finally have the opportunity to leave small notes wherever you like,
write down your ideas or just let your infinitely creative imagination run wild.

Stick the magnetic foil to the children's room door, your closet, the wall or your fridge.
No matter where, you will be delighted and satisfied with our self-adhesive magnetic board marker films.

Note: This is a ferromagnetic marker foil.

A little tip: Our magnetic board marker foils can be easily cut with a cutter knife or a
Cut scissors into any shape and size.

Only use neodymium magnets

Premium quality made in Germany

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